sábado, 25 de junio de 2016


Hi I am Victoria Lopez I am created this page with Antonella Caprile. This blog is created under the supervicion from the teacher Stella Saubidet , In the school EESTN1 of the city of Longchamps.

Us present : I am Antonella , i have sixteen years old , i like it touch the saxophone in my free time . I like very much the chemical and the practices in the laboratory, Sometimes all it is complicated but we try from to solve . I have many friends and like that.

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I am Victoria Lopez , I have sixteen years old , I am very little in comparison of the rest .I like a Hockey and handball .I like study chemical that's why the chose.
I like very much the practices in laboratory , is very funny and educational . I have few friends because almost nobody is capable the support my bad mood . Whit Antonella we are friend does 5 years fortunately we withstood.

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